Calcium Storeys (Market Gallery, Glasgow + IMAG, Inverness)

Calcium Storeys 2017 6m 27s

This exhibition formed a network of people and things, through the lens of material. The installation entered around a film that took Calcium Carbonate (Calcite) as its starting point. It is a substance that makes up chalk, is used as a bone supplement and in its crystalline form doubly refracts images seen through it. Calcium Storeys central protagonists are, a statuette with detachable Calcite limbs and a Xenophora Pallidulla, a mollusc that attaches and co-habits with other shells. 

Music by Butter (Adam CampbellTina Krekels, Grant Smith, Tristan Clutterbuck

Drawings- Lauren Li Porter and Jamie Kane

Camera- Alexander Storey Gordon and Jamie Kane 

Featuring text excerpts from Francis Ponge- Mollusk (The Nature of Things 1942)

Made as part of Market Gallery's Studio Projects Residency

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