The Pump (The Piet Zwart Institute)

Video screened at The Alchemy Film Festival + The Inverness Film Festival

The Pump 2019 HD Video 10m30s

The Pump, retells the story of my parents house subsiding into a disused mine outside Edinburgh in 1986; using my voice as a means to displace how the event is related to time. The video folds in a premonition that exists within the oral history of the region where my parents now live. A premonition that myself and my mother also share; that of the landscape, economy and way of life drastically altering due to flooding. The video ends with a set of voices talking about a shared dream about the effects of a massive flood, this is heard as my fathers hands hold a pair of dowsing rods as they cross in the centre of a Bronze Age burial site.

Music: Ivor Cutlor-Gravity Begins at Home Voices: Jamie Kane, June Bryson, Ian Kane, Antonia Brown, Lucía Bayón, Petter Dahlström Persson, Daphne Simons and Honey Jones-Hughes.

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