William's Palm 

William’s Palm (2015) was an exhibition curated by Grace Johnston that developed through our existing friendship. The exhibition was assembled around the gesture of using two paintings as tools for sustained conversation. Its title refers to a detail in one of these objects: the back of a man’s hand captured horizontally as it swings through the air. His palm holds a space beyond the surface of the image. With the expectation of this recess, the title is an opening for sustained attention, and an offering of human thoughts and behaviour. Through exploring ideas of duality and interiority, William’s Palm draws analogies that weave relationships between people and things in the world. The exhibition involves newly commissioned writing that responds to the paintings and acts amongst other material that has been gifted, traded and shared. This accumulative method creates networks built upon alliance and affinity, whilst urging that these exchanges find refrain, and for us to keep on looking.

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