Cannonball in the Garden 

(Screened at Focal Point 21, The European Media Arts Festival + The Inverness Film Festival)

Cannonball in the Garden  HD video 2019 2m17s

In the video a cannonball found in a garden dating back to 1745, is activated in a manner that violently overwrites nature. In the video reaching 30cm into the soil goes back almost 300 years. The object originates from the last uprising against the British Crown by the Jacobite Rebellion. The rebels were brutally quashed, becoming a contributing factor to a drastic change to land use and its ownership, the construction of a military fort to prevent further uprising, as well as the introduction of capitalism through the eradication of the clan structures in the Highlands of Scotland. The editing of the footage and sounds made using my voice drew on the residue and legacy of these events which are (literally) held in the landscape; the impact of a cannonball buried it in a garden, fighter jets dart through the air and the Scottish colloquial for dead, ‘Deed’ becomes intercut and read as proof of proper ownership.

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