Grafting (Center for Contemporary Art Glasgow hosted by The Pipe Factory)

Grafting: Digital print on Blueback billboard paper, 4-Channel Audio, Dried Supermarket Flowers, Stainless Steel, Stained Plywood, Fixings

Audio 15m looped

The exhibition comprised of a 4-channel audio work, digitally printed mural and series of sculptures, formed an intimate network of people, things and places. In the audio work, myself and my parents tell stories of ephemeral moments where time, place, human and non-human coalesce. These relationships were framed through reference to the horticultural technique of grafting. Initially the work stemmed from Lori Gruen’s notion of Entangled Empathy, a relational attention between self, other and situation in order to create emotive/cognitive means of improving and understanding a situation. As well as Stanley Cavell’s claim that an equality between people and things can exist in cinema, as the camera perceives both as equal. These lines of thought developed into a mural comprising of multiple images, a ‘film’ in which the element of time was removed making it exist in a perpetual present.

Thanks to Adam Campbell, June Bryson, Ian Kane and everyone at CCA

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